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Stel lee Bespoke in Pudong is opening.

Stel lee Bespoke in Pudong is opening now. Welcome in and take a look.

Address: L125a Kerry Parkside No. 1378 Huamu Rd

Mobile: 139 1610 3826

Interviewed by Uplus Magazine

Stel Lee is famoused with her refined design skills and favored by all kinds of people.  She was interviewed by Uplus magazine issue 137. You can also find the details from


Interviewed by Pinwei magazine

Stella lee was interviewed by Pinwei magazine which is aimed to share different life and attidutes with people. Stella is know as the first customed made designer woman  in Shanghai. In the column of international office ladie of August 2011, she shared with us about her business and life.  

Stel Lee Bespoke in Shanghai Expat



The News about Stella on CEIBS Website

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Welcome to Stel Lee Bespoke

lecture at the bound of bund

The Suit Cloth we are using-Loro Piana

Loro piana are the official supplier of eventing and dressage uniforms to the Italian equestrian team at Beijing Olympic games. Loro Piana have a long history of supplying clothes for the Italian olympic team and designed the Horsey jacket for the Italian equestrian team at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Loro Piana have provided jackets, tailcoats, sweatshirts, polos, t-shirts and caps for the riders as well as saddle pads and blankets for the horses. The jackets and tailcoats are made of Tasmanian wool, a wool renowned for its breathability, thermal insulation and strength which makes the jackets and tailcoats extremely lightweight and comfortable.



In Stella Lee’s Bespoke Studio, you are able to have a fine Bespoke suit with the cloth of loro piana 120’s and 180’s


(loro Piana 120’s in Stel Lee Bespoke)Price: RMB 5500


Stella teach you how to Learn From RunWay!(1)

Stella Comments:Pure Sea Blue suit, pockets simplified. Using similar blue shirt and tie makes them look like a whole package with the suit, it’s the Simplicity Beauty of CK collection

What we can learn : Your can try to wear similar color shirt n tie n suit, will impress people with strong image




Stella Comments:Although orange is popular in this season,but wearing Such strong n big part of orange is still need to be avoided ,otherwise will bring you kind of circus look

What we can learn: Orange contrasting dark black is a significant choice, we can use the theory to play it with your shirt n tie, but instead of wearing a pure color orange tie like the model in the picture , a pattern one with orange color is a better n safer choice  .

Stella Comments:You sure look like a Charming player n the spot of night in this suit, that’s not a problem, the problem is how we find the right occasion to wear such a movie star look suit in normal life.

What we can learn:We don’t need to wear exactly like him but do you ever consider choose a wine-red bow tie to match your black tuxedo ,try it! You can have the movie star look too.


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